Myth busting Local SEO and AI text generation

Hey there, it’s Andrew Palmer.

I am the owner of and fortunate to have co-founded with my partner in Bertha, Vito Peleg. is a generative AI tool that helps with writing content and maintaining relevance.

The SEO industry is buzzing with talk about AI, some of which is misleading.

AI can indeed be beneficial when used alongside your own editing.

Our philosophy at has always been to edit the text produced to ensure quality.

I also manage, a white-label agency working with both direct clients and helping them with their local SEO needs, a passion of mine stemming from my background as a chef as I LOVE to optimise restaurant websites.

Optimising a website for visibility locally requires attention to detail and a few key strategies. Whether for restaurants or other businesses like electricians or dog trainers, ensuring the site is fast-loading and reflective of the business’s offerings is important of course, but, it is not that hard.

For instance, let me share the story of Number 1 Bar Grill, a restaurant project I worked on. Our approach involved creating a one-page website using a Kadence theme tailored for restaurants and tweaking the content and images to fit the brand. By focusing on optimizing for specific keywords such as “Steakhouse Maidenhead,” we were able to achieve rapid success on Google’s search results.

Utilizing tools like WSForm for forms and SEO Press for SEO optimization, we crafted the website’s content with the help of AI while incorporating localised keywords strategically. This approach led to Number 1 Bar Grill ranking high for relevant searches in just three weeks, proving the effectiveness of AI in local SEO efforts.

Don’t underestimate the power of clean, well-optimised websites for search engines.

With attention to detail, strategic keyword placement, and user-friendly design, businesses can achieve significant visibility online, even with a single-page website. Remember, simplicity and focus are key to successful SEO strategies.