Today I received a refund from Failjet to the tune of: £358.00

This is some £240.00 short of what it actually cost me to endure this cancelled flight. You have been warned! 
Let alone the loss of a working day. 

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We are often challenged in the SEO market place

Some Leading Search Engine Optimisation professionals state categorically that a one page website cannot possibly get a good position on Google and others because there is simply not enough content. They are both right and wrong – read the post completely and you will get where we are coming from.

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Personal Trainer

Often, as a web site builder we get asked to develop a site for a family member or a good friend. This can sometimes be a difficult thing to refuse and in some cases it is best to as the demands put...

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Offbeat Creative Development

We had an awesome time developing this website for our client. The design and brief was supplied in over 88 pages of pdf documents and Indesign files. Images alone were over 5gb so we had a lot of...

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Pat Sharp Case Study

Pat Sharp is a UK based TV and Radio Presenter famed for his appearances on Get me out of here I’m a celebrity and of course the fantastic Funhouse with the twins. When we met Pat, he had no...

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Why I don’t like Yoast

I am often asked to perform SEO tasks on WordPress sites that have already been built and have the added ‘benefit of a yoast plugin for SEO. Be it a free version or a pro version. I always say to my clients – please can I either perform the SEO manually or delete the Yoast plugin or can I use All in One SEO.

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Restaurant Website – Case Study

Have you noticed how many restaurants do not to have a website? We have and, as former caterers ourselves, we have made it our mission to get restaurants to acknowledge the power of a website of there own.

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