About Andrew Palmer

AKA Somebody’s Hero

1. Success is....

Print Management with over £72 million+ in sales over a 12 year period – transitioned into web development.
Co Founded and Developed the largest Independent Marketplace for Divi Theme and Elementor Products.
Managing over 300 Websites, day in, day out

2. Web Development

Thousands of customers via and established to help build the web development community.
Building an average of 5 sites a month via Somebody’s Hero

3. Digital Consultant

Providing online solutions to hundreds of companies across the globe. Over 1,000 websites built and maintained over a 5 year period by ourselves

4. ongoing

Developing software solutions to help developers, direct clients and ourselves to create, innovate and enhance the digital platforms in use today and tomorrow

my philosphy

Help, Share, Develop, Enhance and Build

Divi Fixr

Helping the Divi Community fix common errors and migrating websites to fast servers. Providing design and development coaching and tutorials.

Elegant Marketplace

An online community-driven marketplace unlocking the potential of the Divi theme with over 25,000 customers and growing daily

Layouts Cloud

Providing cloud services for divi theme predesigned layouts, modules and sections. Over 1,000 members since May 2017 and growing at a rate of 10% a week.

This was just what I needed:
1.Banging my head off wall due to four things I just couldn’t get Divi or CSS to do
2. Sent list to Andrew and had quick Skype call .
3. Had cup of coffee
4. Got message to say everything is fixed and an explanation of how to do it myself next time.
5. Ready to sign off client tomorrow
6. Result!

Faith Tilleray

Andrew and the Fixr team stepped and solved not just Divi issues, but a server issue, that other experts were unable to fix. They responded immediately and over and above what they needed to do.

I have never been so grateful for help in solving a very tricky set of problems.

Melissa Love
The Design Space

Andrew Palmer

Major issues with my server move but as usual he was there to fix things.

Michelle Nunan

Head Chef, Divi Soup

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