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Geno Quiroz

In just one short session Andrew gave me a boatload of SEO information and training. He also walked me through my site and helped me make changes I never knew were there.


These Guys Rock!

“I have now worked with Andrew Palmer since 2010 and I am on my 5th branded website. His expertise, connections and attention to detail have helped me overcome a host of technical challenges over the years, the best one was launching a promotional campaign for a video program using WordPress, Kajabi, EasyVideoSuite  and Ontraport.  We had the videos recorded and got the launch out in just 3 days! With Andy it was a walk in the park!” Adrian Brown – The Hospitality Coach adrian brown

Amazing Support

“Without Andrew running my website, I would not be able to promote my appearances, run my twitter account or connect with people as much as I do. Andrew, you do truly ROCK!” Pat Sharp – TV and Radio Personality pat_500.fw

A True Guru

“I’ve known and worked with Andy for 10 years – he’s the fountain of all knowledge, always knows who to turn to and always delivers. Mark Copeman – Founder of Customer Thermometer and mark-copeman-featured

We really enjoyed our time with Andrew

It was great to sit down and work through aspects of our website that we didn’t understand. He was great in explaining about SEO, it was fantastic to see the results of our work in the next session and now we are confident in improving our rankings ourselves. Andrew was great with understanding where we are as a business and advised us on where was best to go. Sometimes it was even as simple as picture sizes! He managed to put up with our constant questions and answer them expertly, showing us that there is a plugin solution for almost every need! Katherine Addison – Coppid Beech Hotel coppid


We all need a hero. We’ve been performing super hero acts in marketing for well over 25 years. There are very few things that we do not know and if we don’t, we’re transparent in our actions and find someone to do what we cannot – all professionally managed of course. With a dozen developers on hand that know the inside out of web development, servers and digital solutions. Somebody’s Hero are your go to resource. Digital print and Media is at the forefront of our skill set – with over £40 Million of sales under our belt, there is always an answer – combine that with social, web and marketing consultancy – The team at Somebody’s Hero are a true power house of innovation.


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From building you a website that knocks the socks off your competition to helping you find the right customers for you.

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Our proven methods have increased the level of turnover of our client companies by at least ten fold – contact us today to find out how.


We work in many different areas from Print, web, digital marketing and social media solutions. All have their price point, hit the contact button to make your day go better.

Transparency is key

Have you ever thought that the people involved in your business are not as transparent as they could be. Always hiding a little info that you could do with. At Somebody’s Hero, we are a little different. We tell you honestly what you could be doing, how much it will cost and, we are with you every step of the way. Change the way you run your Digital Marketing and come over to the bright side. It’s so much warmer.

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In just one short session Andrew gave me a boatload of SEO information and training. He also walked me through my site and helped me make changes I never knew were there. In 4 short weeks my search engine results improved drastically. Here are the Google results in week 4 since my session with Andrew. “Monterey Premier” Week 1 > Page 10 | Week 4 > Page 1 #2 down “monterey web designer” Week 1 > nowhere to be found | Week 4 > Page 4 # 4 down “monterey web design agency” Week 1 > nowhere to be found | Week 4 > Page 2 2 page links on the bottom of the page. All that without launching my new blogging & social media strategy which just started this week and was based on Andrews advice. Can’t wait to see the results 4 weeks from now. They say SEO takes time but I had no idea we could begin to see the results this fast. I highly recommend Andrew for all your SEO answers.

Geno Quiroz

Web Developer,

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