Website Care Plans

We’ll help you take care of your website

We are the janitorial services your website needs – we clean up all the digital mess and fix all the crap that can be encountered when owning a website.

Just like a trusty janitor sweeping away dust bunnies and mopping up spills, our team is here to ensure that your website is always sparkling clean and running smoothly.

From pesky bugs to tangled code, we roll up our sleeves and get to work so that you can focus on what truly matters – growing your online presence and making waves in the digital world.

With us by your side, your website will be the shining star of the internet, turning heads and wowing visitors with every click.

Say goodbye to website woes and hello to hassle-free maintenance with our Website Care Plans.

Software and website tools we use to build your website

Welcome to our Website Care Plans – where we take your website maintenance as seriously as a cat takes nap time!

We understand that keeping your website in top shape is crucial for your online presence to shine brighter than a supernova. Our Website Care Plans are the superhero capes your website needs to stay super-powered and ready to conquer the digital world.

From hosting that’s more reliable than your morning coffee to maintenance so smooth it’ll make your grandma’s apple pie jealous, our team of tech wizards has got you covered. Site glitches? Bugs be gone! Updates? Handled faster than you can say “Ctrl+Alt+Delete!”

With our Website Care Plans, you can expect:

– Hosting so fast, it’ll make Usain Bolt look like he’s standing still
– Maintenance that’s more thorough than your dog’s post-rain walk shake-off
– Site fixes quicker than a cheetah chasing its next meal
– 24/7 support that’s more dependable than your favorite pizza joint (yes, even on weekends!)

Don’t let your website be a slacker – give it the VIP treatment it deserves with our Website Care Plans.

Because when your website is always ready to go to work, you can conquer the online universe like a boss. Contact us today and let’s make your website the star of the digital show!

Website Care plans designed for you

Our hosting service offers lightning-fast, reliable and secure hosting for your website.

We provide SSL security certificates to ensure the safety of your data.

Daily backups are performed to safeguard your website’s content.

We also take care of regular updates for both WordPress and its plugins.

With our monthly maintenance package, you can rest assured that your website
will always be up-to-date.

Our Plan includes the option for us to make edits to your website as needed.

You  also get access to all our premium WordPress plugins for enhanced functionality.

One price covers you every single month.
The care plan that others envy for just £150.00 a month


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