website design

Here’s how we know….

  • You have forgotten your login details to your web hosting account where you registered your domain
  • You don’t have a secure certificate on your website because you only think it applies to e commerce websites.
  • Your website is slow and you don’t understand why you are not getting any enquiries but you don’t want to pay for optimisation of any kind.
  • Search Engine Optimisation and paid for advertising is for BIG budget companies.
  • Your images are over 5Mega Bytes per image and you have ten of them on your website home page.
  • Your Ecommerce catalogue is out of date and missing images.
  • You pay less than £25.00 a month for hosting and email services.

These and many other ‘reasons’ are how we know you don’t care about your website – conversely, this also tells us that you don’t care about your business. You may think you do but, if you cannot or do not want to invest in the very basics for your website, do you want to invest in the best for your business as well.

Do you for instance, pay top dollar for your staff, do you use the latest versions of business critical software that is essential for your day to day running of the company or do you – ‘just get by’ on minimum wage and are slow to update software as it is so expensive?

As a web development company, we use software that is generally cloud based, is constantly updated and is ALWAYS, the latest version. This helps us work not only smarter, it also helps us produce quality work at speed. Can you say the same thing?

Here’s what we do;

  • We pay top dollar for our developers and designers.
  • We subscribe to the latest software for developers, accountancy and staff welfare.
  • We do this because we care about our business, our staff and our customers.
  • Our web development pricing is clear, concise and includes design, development, and search engine readiness.

Our Care Club includes.

  • Premium hosting wherever you are based in the world via fast servers with secure firewalls and premium Cloudflare DDOS protection.
  • Updating your website for latest security and enhancements
  • Premium Feedback tools that allow us to serve you better.
  • Premium off site back up, malware scanning and repair in the unlikely event of a web hack
  • Premium, automatically updated GLOBAL Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and EULA
  • Premium Speed Enhancements using Nitro Pack the best Core Web Vitals solution out there.
  • Monthly updates on your content and additional pages when required.

The services we provide to you are above and beyond the majority of managed web services and provide peace of mind and show that you really do care about investing in your business.

If you care about your website and your business and want to work with a company that cares about its customers as much as we do about ourselves. Call us in for a chat and get your website working for you.