Published on: 19 Nov 2015 @ 14:37

I am often asked to perform SEO tasks on WordPress sites that have already been built and have the added ‘benefit of a yoast plugin for SEO. Be it a free version or a pro version. I always say to my clients – please can I either perform the SEO manually or delete the Yoast plugin or can I use All in One SEO.

I normally get my own way and if I don’t, I do not undertake the work. I used to but I found that using Yoast was a total pain – mainly because the client would look at what I had done and then emailed me to say – “But Yoast says you have not done the right things in the right way all the lights are orange not green!”

…Deep breath time…

Yoast, just like any other plugin for SEO or otherwise, is there to help you get the best out of your content, headlines, and key phrases, it is not the B all and End ALL of SEO.

All in One SEO is the same in as much as it helps you put the right things where they need to be – but, it is cleaner, leaner and does not have those annoying traffic lights to tell you that you have done it wrong.

An SEO plugin helps you get your Meta Tag Descriptions right, allows you to update your page titles so that they are the correct length for Google to display and helps you add Schema details so that as a local business you can be found quicker, it also adds your Google Analytic’s code in the right place and gives you tips on where, why and how to write good search engine friendly content , it is an aide memoir, nothing more, it helps you set the pages that you want to index and vice versa, you can set up Social Meta as well which helps Facebook et al display the right image on your posts with the right amount of text displaying too.

In the past couple of days, the posts I see on a Facebook Group of over 8,000 members of web developers and designers I happen to be an admin on, are a multitude of comments –


Yoast seem to be having issues with a lot of their updates and breaking sites – I say seem, as the most complaints I see are that ‘my site map is not being registered in Google Console’, ‘Yoast is not recognising my H1 tags’ etc.

My advice? For the time being, use another plugin,  learn how to add educational, informative and entertaining content to your website and keep updating with relevant content that is aimed at your audience and not at Google – that way at least, you are not relying on a plugin to teach you how to market your website.

If you have been using Yoast or any other SEO plugin, you can use this plugin to transfer the SEO data from one to the other.

Updated 07/01/2016 23:42 – As seen in the Divi Theme Users Facebook Group.