To me, Facebook is one of the greatest, most innovative SaaS systems out there – what is a SaaS I hear someone ask? – Well SaaS is an acronym of Software as a Service.

SaaS systems allow us to use them to facilitate our business, diary’s (Google Calendar and others) and basically run our lives more efficiently, see what’s going on in the world and keep in touch with friends from near and far. Yes, there is an argument that Facebook has ruined lives, is a repository for trolls, keyboard warriors, n’er do wells and is full of hate speech and racist chants.

Well, guess what people, that is just human beings -its not Facebook – we are indeed in the main a nice bunch, but if you walk down a street in any major (or even minor) city anywhere in the western world, you will likely experience the nastier side of life, from a drunk person leaning against the wall to a march protesting or promoting something you don’t agree with to people having road rage in a street where the cars won’t be moving for a good while.

Facebook is a reflection of real life – and that is what people do not like. We often fail to look in the mirror to see what we can do to be better, be kinder and to appreciate that not all of us were born equal.

I am sometimes astounded at the personal insults people throw at each other in Facebook groups and on public posts and advertising. Indeed, I have been a ‘victim’ of such abuse from outright lies being told about me and my online business to half truths that then manifest into full on sheep following and further abuse to me in private messages and online in Facebook and via email that could be construed as libel.

As an admin of a Facebook group of 27,000 plus, I see a lot of kindness, a fair bit of angst and concern about business practices and very rarely, the odd snarky remark to a person that they do not know, never met and probably never will. As a simple matter of fact, there will always be that know it all, the person who thinks they are better than you because they do things or think things out differently, the person who doesn’t think before hitting the keyboard and that person who trolls users just for the sake of it.

You can see this in real life too, the pub politicians, the expert team managers, the ‘Oh I wouldn’t do it like that’ (even though they have no idea what THAT is) The ‘expert’ health professional that works behind the bar and of course the ‘expert’ web developer who is waiting on table or drives an Uber because his latest sales funnel just did not work and we all know this one – the expert relationship coach who has been single for the past 20 years.

Simply put, Facebook is a platform for all, it will get you known for who you are and what you say (good or bad), it will help your business, if you want it to and, it will keep you in touch with the people that YOU want to keep in touch with and allow you to block the people that you don’t appreciate.

With just an ounce of common sense and a sense of reality, you will enjoy Facebook for what it is and if you don’t want personally identifiable info out there – don’t put it out there and use the tools that Facebook provides you to block apps, block annoying or racist people, haters and trolls and use it as you want to – I do and I love the fact that its free and, if Zuckerberg wants to use publicly available stuff that I post to my profile to help his business – go for it – I for one appreciate what Facebook is and will continue to be – a great service that is free at the point of access!

Oh, and try to be a nice human being, it pays dividends, I assure you.