Hello, I am Andrew Palmer  – I am an SEO and Content Marketing specialist – I never say seo expert because I am not – I don’t think anyone has the right to call themselves an expert in our field as it is so full of;

  1. Bullshitters
  2. Ne’r do wells
  3. Liars
  4. Cowboys
  5. Gobbledegook
  6. Web Designers that know NOTHING about Content Marketing or SEO – (I know a hundred of them at least and they are not in the slightest bit interested in getting to know about SEO, all they want to do is design and publish a ‘pretty’ website)
  7. Business owners that are so driven by Ego that they forget a web site is a shop window for their customers, not a mirror on the wall
  8. Digital marketers that just want to throw so many reports at you, you get lost in data and information

I have had some challenges presented to me in the last few months as far as Search Engine Optimisation and content marketing goes and I have risen to each and everyone of them. I  have clients who simply don’t believe what I say will work – until it does. I have clients that want me to tell them what I do – because they are afraid of penalties from Google – and want reams of information from analytics that tells them  – well – not a lot. (as I don’t generally build backlinks, there’s nothing I do that can damage your site). I have clients that just don’t care and let me get on with getting their websites to the top of Google and staying there.

I have clients that appreciate that SEO is not the B all and End all of a making a web site work! – These are my favourite clients….. The simple truth of SEO and Content Marketing is this: Page titles that are relevant to your article and have at least a reference to your keyword phrase Content that is is readable, informing and is a learning experience – after all, the person that clicked that link wanted to learn, so let them. If you write irrelevant content, you will get nothing back because Google hates badly written, irrelevant content. Meta Description Attribute (snippet) that doesn’t ask the searcher to click on the link to read more – I cannot believe that so many websites neglect to write a good description because some bullshitting SEO has told them that Meta Tags hold no value to Google.

Actually, what has happened here is chinese whispers, the content meta tag is used by Google to display the description on a search, Website owners just get confused and think its meta tags all round that are useless – they were probably told that by the barman at the pub – who everyone knows is an Expert on SEO, that’s why he’s serving you your drink! SEO and Content Marketing is only part of the story of course. What will your customer do when they get to your site – will they know where to go to sign up to your product or service, are they being given direction, or are you letting them decide which direction you want them to take. Do you use any form of enticement to get them to sign up to  your service or give them a call – is your phone number on your page if you want people to call you or are you trying to build a database of customers you can email at a later date – all these things and more are good to know and decide upon

BEFORE you ask a so called SEO expert to help you get more visitors – decide what you are going to do with those visitors -will they be interested in your content, calls to action or even product – have you thought about your target market – is it worth exploring facebook, twitter or linkedin, what about pinterest or instagram or maybe I should put a video on the site or……… Just by reading this article, you have seen the problem – although SEO and Content Marketing is quite simple – how to get there and what medium to use is not – so, calm down, think about what you want YOUR website to offer YOUR customers and you’ll soon realise there is not an all in one solution to marketing  your business on the world wide web. Take a look at the major players in this world, what do they do to make you want to use them, how do they approach you, what is their tone of voice, do you like it or does it piss you off?

Then and only then will you be ready to speak to someone like me – Someone who really gets excited getting a site on the first page of Google (sad I know) someone who is only interested in the long term effects of what they do and not in the nitty gritty of reports to drive you (and me) mad – you’ll know what I do is working because you will get better visitors, you may actually get less as one client has experienced, but guess what, they get better enquiries – I call this targeted SEO and Content Marketing -because that is what it is. You will also learn to love your website rather than think of it as a time, money and energy drain that really doesn’t pay its way. Lastly, thanks for reading – if you want to work with me call me – it is another simple truth that I answer my phone too.


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