Websites have at last grown up. We have Wix, Shopify and a whole host of page builders out there like Elementor and The #1 Currently – The Divi Theme. 

What does this mean for web developers?

Well, not a lot really. We have certainly found no downturn in business and in fact, We would say clearly, there has been an upturn due to these innovations. We tend to favour The Divi Theme as I also own a Divi Theme store and Divi Cloud which is a great way to use a child theme for Divi or simply import a layout from the divi cloud to speed up the process.

For E-commerce, I now use Shopify Exclusively as it has all the bell and whistles and is frankly all an e-commerce store needs. Great templates, great servers and perfect for just leaving the security to the hosting service.

With the Divi Cloud and Divi Theme together, we can build a website quickly, cost-effectively and our clients can update the content themselves if they so wish. We add all our hosting clients to our Managed Server suppliers over at Get Flywheel because we know they take security seriously – its a bit more expensive than most hosts but, as a managed solution -its unbeatable in our eyes AND the servers are super fast!

Get Flywheel also offers free SSL which is essential in this day and age and it’s about time the other hosts caught up and stopped charging silly money for what is a very necessary thing in our view.

Here’s a few sites we built using The Divi Theme and not one of them took longer than 4 days.

Each has their own unique look and feel and each client was, to say the least – totally blown away by the speed of turnaround and quality of the designs.

If you would like a competitive quote on a speedy site build or are looking for that little bit extra with SEO, online marketing consultancy or an insight into the Digital Marketing world, do get in touch.