As we start a new year – let’s take a look at a project we completed just in time for Christmas.

Our retained client Dot4Distribution wanted a new design that reflected their brand. Utilising the design skills of AKDLONDON who designed the site in Adobe Muse. We were then asked to convert it to The Divi Theme – an easy to use WordPress design framework and Content management system.

By getting our tech guys to convert all aspects of the site to work in WordPress was not the easiest of tasks as Adobe Muse has its own way of doing things and as a client, you would not really want to buy a version of Muse to enable you to update your website, keep it secure and maintain it fairly easily.

The Power of WordPress and The Divi Theme together cannot be underestimated. WordPress is a stable, Search Engine Friendly platform that is well supported, kept updated by over 15,000  volunteers and full-time employees and, The Divi Theme is in use of over 600,000 live business websites and has an ecosystem that has the largest user-driven Facebook Support group of its kind. It is our go-to development platform and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

So, how do we go about converting a site built on another platform?

AKDLONDON supplied us with a version built in Adobe Muse, Images, fonts from TypeKit and an overall brief. We converted each page to the Divi Theme, programmed in maps, locations, tab controls and rebuilt the site from the ground up with bespoke coding. Made the site responsive across various screen sizes, mobile phones and tablets.

The end result matched 99% of the original design – there has to be some give and take as not all aspects of a design done in another program can be exactly matched.

We added SEO friendly terms, page titles, amended copy and submitted the site to google and others along with updating and maintaining the Google Search Console and Google Analytics.

We are retained to manage and host the site with continuing SEO and updating content for this great company.

End Result?

A great looking, well laid out site that is easy to maintain, SEO friendly and sits on robust hosting at our preferred hosting provider FLYWHEEL.

Take a look

Converting websites from any platform is a specialty of ours so, if you have a site that is looking a bit drab, is unresponsive and needs a refresh, give us a call and we can help you shine brighter in 2018.