Latest announcement from the EU says Sorry! We thought we were doing the right thing by you but it turns out – you really don’t care who has your data!

After looking at this for at least 5 minutes with a few colleagues whilst discussing where they were going for lunch – The EU Tzar Jean Claude Joker declares “that it really doesn’t matter what they try to do for Europeans and the rest of the World, it will always fail. So much so, we are bringing forward the NEW GDPR (Great Data, Perfect Rip off) forward from the 25th of May to the current date of April the 1st 2018! ”

Users simply do not care what happens with their data – they love it when they get spammed to hell and back (it makes them feel wanted) they love it when that handsome Nigerian Prince offers them large amounts of money for doing very little and when Facebook tells them they want the latest gadget that is absolutely of no use at all. And when Amazon – let me tell you, Amazon have got it BANG TO RIGHTS – even I know that I want that cute little one piece (I was looking for Curtains! Honestly, I was!)

Simply put, the kids of today on Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter and all the rest want to be told who to vote for, what to buy and how to think, they really do!

When it comes to Data and data protection, it would seem that all the social networks care deeply about the sharing and caring attitude. After all, they willingly let a company scrape Millions of profiles in order to share the good news and the bad – who are we to judge, should we stop them?

NO!, it is the considered opinion of the NEW GDPR (Great Data, Perfect Rip off) Council that we are here not to police the internet, but to profit from it. So, the NEW GDPR (Great Data, Perfect Rip off) is initiating a new privacy policy advice directive and here it is:

1 We will always use your data for intrusive emails, data mining and to get you to buy what we want you to buy and to vote for who we want you to vote for

2 By signing up, logging in, taking a cursory glance or simply showing us an interest with a like or a share, you agree to be ripped off as and when we like (and that goes for the person that you tagged so considerately too!)

3 You have no rights to your data because we said so

4 What data, we don’t hold any of your personal details?







This post (here on this page) may or may not be a true representation of the GDPR The link supplied will confuse you, make you go into panic mode and inevitably force you not to deal with Euro based persons or companies 😉

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