Today I received a refund from Failjet to the tune of: £358.00

This is some £240.00 short of what it actually cost me to endure this cancelled flight. You have been warned!
Let alone the loss of a working day.


Dear Andrew

Claim reference : ESJJJ6X——-
Case reference : 102——

Thank you for your expense claim which we received on .

We have reviewed your claim but will need more information in order to process it for you.

Could you please provide us with the below:
1) 11,358.00 CZK we need an itemised bill for this claim amount. (ALREADY SENT WITH ORIGINAL CLAIM)

We are unable to reimburse the below:
1) Hotels & Accommodation : 2,344.64 CZK at the time of disruption the hotel booking was active online i.e.HOTAC portal active – AND UNABLE TO CANCEL AS WAS ALREADY IN MY ROOM 3 HOURS AFTER FLIGHT WAS CANCELLED WITH NO NOTIFICATION UNTIL THAT TIME. ANNNNND it was in two hotels split across three people -JESSSUUUUSS!
2) Meals & Refreshments : 1,422.00 CZK meals were offered with the hotels. NOT AT MY HOTEL THEY WERE NOT AS I BOOKED IT MYSELF
3) Meals & Refreshments : 1,210.00 CZK meals were offered with the hotels. (AGAIN, NOT AT MY HOTEL)
4) Transport To And From Airport(s) : 800.00 CZK being an airline we are point to point carrier and do not reimburse pre and post flight arrangements. (WHAT????? EVEN WHEN YOU CANCEL THE FLIGHT?)

Once you have sent the above information through to us, we can then process your claim.

I have created a case for you which is 1023—–, please use this when responding.


easyJet Customer Services


It’s so easy to criticise EasyJet, pumped up prices on holiday dates, extra this, extra that and running an airline that is just online and helps 65 million  people to get out and about every year is no small task – however, we hear time and again of FAILS!

I sympathise with them I really do, running a small business that supplies digital marketing advice, plugins, themes and services to over 25,000 customers is difficult in and of itself. But, and it’s a big but – we do our best to communicate any issues, help people fulfil their marketing dreams and get the best out of their work environment and the people they work with.

This is where EasyJet fails miserably. Its not just about customer service at the point of contact, it’s about customer care after something goes wrong.

We recently took a small trip to Prague a wonderful location in the middle of Europe and an easy to get to destination.

We were travelling as a family and, to make MY life easier, I booked all the extras to make our boarding easier, our seats slightly more comfortable and to get the best out of a cheap airline.

Out was fine and no issues, slight delay (1.5 hours) as it was the busiest day of the year 21st of July is always a bit hectic around airports so we were ready for a delay and booked a lounge ‘just in case’.

After two fantastic days in Prague and Cesky Krumlov visiting family – we set off for the airport  – again, expecting delays but nothing more than a few hours.

Just as we entered the point of no return (Airside), I received a text telling us that the flight had been cancelled – told to go to the handlers desk (MENZIES) and get further instructions – I did this and left my family to wait – a fairly big queue presented itself with a few irate sounding passengers – after about 20 minutes I got to the desk clerk and was told to go to the main area in Departures, (not airside) where they would arrange accommodation and new flights.

So, we trundled along, presented passports to escape airside and were then presented with the MENZIES departure lounge desk that was now FULL of people moaning, groaning and berating the desk clerks who were basically saying – it’s not up to us to book your flights or hotels as we make a charge, you can do it all online and the next flight is Thursday! Oh dear – we have work to do, my daughter is going away again on Wednesday and she’s stuck in Prague with NO WAY OUT! Now, my teenage daughter is one of the most well-balanced individuals I have ever met – even so, the disappointment that she was going to miss out on a trip to Monkey world with her sister was written all over her beautiful face!

Now, my business is not called Somebody’s Hero for nothing – Whilst still in the queue for the Menzies desk and  hearing lots of distasteful comments from the now pretty angry bunch of EJ customers – it was time to put the cape on and be a hero – I spotted a last minute flight desk and headed straight over – booked 3 seats on a Czech Airlines flight departing at 8pm the next day and a hotel to stay in for the night  – it took a little while to process the new flights  and whilst there was approached by many EJ customers who I advised to do the same thing – In effect, I had become a representative of Czech Airlines – Calmed a few people down and helped not only ourselves but a few others too.

I was lucky as were the others that were able to AFFORD to book another flight – imagine though if you had booked your EJ flight a few months in advance and take advantage of the cheaper options – you have done this for a reason, not that you are a cheapskate but because you do not have the funds to pay for expensive flights, you just want to open your horizons to new places.

Or, you were the poor chap who missed his connecting flight the next day to Wisconsin and was not insured – literally thousands of dollars gone to waste.

So, what could EJ have done better?

  • Put on another flight the next day
  • Had hotel vouchers already organised – at the airport
  • Organised transport to and from the airport
  • Given us a valid reason for the cancellation – it really does help us understand
  • Made sure that their handling agents were not jobs worth’s
  • Issued instant refunds to customers so they could book a flight with less financial pain

As it turns out, I was one of the lucky ones, I could afford to pay for all the extras that I needed.

As I was leaving there were people crying, shouting at partners, creating havok with staff and generally flying off the handle. People missed a day of work, had to cancel taxis, friends to pick them up, extra time for pet catering and all sorts of other pain in the neck things.

The very least an airline can do is be organised when a cancellation hits people in the nuts and their pockets.

  • Be there for them
  • Actually care
  • Help them
  • Be Nice

There you go EasyJet, I am available for a consultation and guess what, I’ll even give you the first hour for free – as long as you handle the refund of £589.00 promptly ????

Personally asking me to wait 10-14 days for a refund is on the churlish side 🙁

(Thank you for contacting us. We’re really sorry for the recent delay or cancellation to your flight. We’ve now received your claim for expenses. Our team will review it and get back to you within the next 10-14 days.)

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